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Bubble tea / milk tea (by Hyoh)

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Interviewer: Why can’t you be alone without Yoko?

John Lennon: But I can be alone without Yoko, but I just have no wish to be. There’s no reason on earth why I should be alone without Yoko. There’s nothing more important than our relationship, nothing. And we dig being together all the time. Both of us could survive apart but what for? I’m not going to sacrifice love, real love for any whore or any friend or any business, because in the end you’re alone at night and neither of us want to be. And you can’t fill a bed with groupies. It doesn’t work. I don’t want to be a swinger. I’ve been through it all and nothing works better than to have someone you love hold you.

I want a love like it

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My BFF Coming out to her 89 Year old Grandmother

  • BFF:Grandmother I need to talk to you
  • Grandma:[concerned voice] What? What is it? Are you sick?
  • BFF:No, no. Grandma. I'm gay.
  • Grandma:What?
  • BFF:I'm gay Grandma. I have a girlfriend now.
  • Grandma:[relieved voice] Oh honey, is that all? I thought you had cancer. Anytime someone needs to tell me something they are sick. Who's your girlfriend, when is her birthday? I'll bake her a pie.